Delta Dynamics Articles

Delta Dynamics Articles

Delta Dynamics is pleased to post news items and articles related to our continued growth as BC's #1 Custom Gear Design Manufacturer.

Toshiba TUE 150 Expands Milling Operations

Delta Dynamics Inc. has recently acquired a Toshiba TUE 150 Vertical Boring and Turning Machine to meet our customer’s growing demand for large, complex and precisely milled parts. 

Designed for high-precision machining work, the TUE 150’s rigidity, low thermal displacement and high-accuracy C- and Z-axis controls allow for tight tolerances, while it’s high table speed, live spindle and automatic tool changer increase our milling efficiency, decreasing lead times and cost for our customers.


  • Maximum cutting diameter of 78.74” (2000mm)
  • Maximum cutting height of 61.02” (1550mm)
  • Maximum table load of 17600lbs (8000kg)
  • ±0.00030” (±0.00750mm) X- and Z-Axis positioning accuracy
  • ±0.00012” (±0.0030mm) X- and Z-axis positioning repeatability accuracy
  • Table speeds of 2-400 rpm


With its combined size and weight capacity and high precision positioning, the Toshiba TUE 150 allows Delta Dynamics to handle larger and more complex milling processes with tighter tolerances than ever before.