Derek Northmore,  Purchasing Manager


“We’ve supplied them with drawings that have been perfected by our engineers.  They still don’t just proceed with what is on the drawings.  They make improvements.”


“Their strengths are to supply technical expertise, suggestions and tips, ideas on how to approach things, and things to watch out for!”



Norbert Kott, Engineer


“I’m in the business of doing 1 offs and 2 offs – I have specific requirements.  One of their biggest strengths is experience, and the way they are structured – you can speak to the people (on the floor) that are working on your project.”


"This is a truly stunning performance mainly by you and your staff. I would like to thank everybody for the excellent work which yielded this absolutely stunning result."



 John Robinson, Mobile Equipment Supervisor 


“They’ve always managed to exceed original equipment design.”

“You don’t have redo stuff done 14 times”


Shirley Watts, Corporate Buyer

"I am very pleased with you and your service. Thanks for all you do!"

Also attached a photo of the assembled parts that you made for us. It all went together very smoothly.

Once again we really appreciate all the efforts from the Delta staff.


Manufacturing Manager

Garth, I wanted to be the first to thank you and Delta Dynamics for the timely and excellent quality parts that we have received from you thus far. I’ve had a few people (that I know also make quality product) comment on the parts that you have manufactured for us, with a very positive note. They were very impressed. As am I.

Looking forward to continuing a positive working relationship with yourself and your Staff.



 Manufacturing Manager