Custom Gearbox Housing

Delta Dynamics is ISO certified Custom Gear Design Manufacturer, well known and respected in the industry for its professionalism and dedication to ensuring its products exceed the customer’s requirements. We use our years of gearing and machining experience to provide “fill-in-the-blank” design service, acting as an extension of our customers’ design and machine shop teams at every stage of the production process.

The continued success of Delta Dynamics is founded on our ability to:

•    Assist each client from design to delivery of every part
•    Provide in-depth design assistance
•    Apply decades of machining and designing experience to every job
•    Identify and solve problems before they arise

Custom Gearbox Housing

Delta Dynamics has designed and manufactured a large number of custom gearbox housings, industrial gearboxes, and speed reducer housings for a variety of industrial applications. Our housings are manufactured from welded-steel, offering greater flexibility in design of custom parts. This greatly decreased cost for low volume production compared to casting, and a stronger, less porous and more impact- and shock-resistant solution that is durable and unlikely to crack. We produce housings for new and drop-in gear boxes, as well as replacement housings for existing reducers. 


Custom gearbox housing is useful because if you have specific mechanical components to enhance your machinery an all-encompassing gearbox won’t satisfy your specific needs. Any company would want their machinery to run as smoothly as possible and custom gearbox housing allows a machine to do so with sufficient mechanical support for moving components.  

An industrial gearbox would also be extremely useful, as Delta Dynamics has gearboxes suited for particular fields. The gearboxes available for machinery in different industries vary. When compared to a custom gearbox, an industrial gearbox demonstrates more of a set format with only slight variations related to the machine and the customization needed. As a company happy to fulfill your machinery needs, Delta Dynamics will evaluate and consult with you as to whether a custom gearbox housing unit or a traditional industrial gearbox is better for you. 


At Delta Dynamics we work with our customers from design to delivery, with our experienced and certified production team using their expertise and extensive knowledge to assist in the revision and perfection of each part’s design and production path. This “fill-in-the-blank” style of design and engineering assistance allows our customers to put our years of gear design and machining experience to work in ensuring they receive a precise, top-quality product that exceeds their expectations and requirements. Each drawing or part we receive is reviewed by our operations, engineering and production teams, with each specified dimension, tolerance, material and material treatment, as well as the part’s overall functionality and application, being thoroughly analyzed to guarantee superior form and function of the final, manufactured part. A streamlined and detailed production process then is created for each part, and is designed to guarantee that the manufactured part conforms closely to the precision and tolerances of the design, while remaining cost-effective to produce. Our production staff continually monitors the manufacturing process of each part as part of our ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System, to ensure an efficient, reliable and top-quality product. At numerous key stages of the production process dimensions of the part are inspected by our full-time inspection team to check that they fall within the tolerances specified in the design. Delta Dynamics can produce, upon request, a detailed Dimensions Inspection Report as our assurance of the precision and quality of our work. This attention to detail and dedication to precision ensures that all parts of an assembly fit into the housing with appropriate clearance and can be mounted with extreme accuracy to create efficient and effective gear meshing. This helps prevent collision, shock and wear on gears and other assembly parts, and increases the life-expectancy and durability of all parts, while reducing noise and wasted space within the housing.


A unique production path is created for each part or product we manufacture, with each person, from machinists to production supervisors and operations managers, working collaboratively from concept to completion. Our machine shop staff has extensive experience and knowledge in the operation of both manual and automated systems, and programs and runs all machines quickly and efficiently, producing consistently excellent results that meet or exceed design specifications without sacrificing cost-effectiveness and run-time efficiency.


Delta Dynamics has manufactured housings and other parts and assemblies for numerous industries. Our expertise and knowledge of gearing and machining have been used in the creation of innovative and effective solutions for a wide range of challenges, including multi-roll timed gearboxes and conveyor reducers for the forestry industry, top drives and draw works for companies in the oil & gas field of work, and cooling tower reducers and planetary drives for the steel industry. We have extensive experience in the use of a wide variety of materials, including countless steel and aluminum alloys, and material treatment processes, such as carburizing, nitriding, plating and peening, enabling Delta Dynamics to produce versatile, customized and long-lasting housings and parts. 



Our number one goal at Delta Dynamics is Customer Satisfaction. We strive to provide each customer with top quality, cost-effective and on-time solutions that meet or exceed both the customer’s and Delta Dynamics’ requirements. We work with the customer and provide design assistance at every stage of the production process, from design to delivery, implementing an outstanding Quality Management Process to guarantee that all parts and products made by Delta Dynamics meet our exacting quality demands. Delta Dynamics is large enough to accommodate large volume and dimension orders, while remaining small enough to maintain close connections with our clients and provide the extensive service we are known for. This makes Delta Dynamics your logical choice in Custom Gear Design Manufacturers.