Custom Manufactured Gears

A quality custom gearbox is essential if you want your unique machine or car to run smoothly. Delta Dynamics is a custom gear manufacturer that has the development of these products down to an art. A gearbox groups multiple gears together within a casing. This is most commonly found in the transmission of motor vehicles. If you have an exquisite car and are looking for modified parts to enhance its drive, a custom gearbox might help you make space for the special assets you have under the hood. Allowing a highly esteemed custom gear manufacturer create this product is also useful if you have a vintage car that is still running which you would like to preserve. In addition to that, it is excellent for any type of machinery, old or new throughout many industries. 

At Delta Dynamics, we use our decades of design and machining experience as an ISO custom gear manufacturer to provide our customers with top quality, expertly designed, and precisely manufactured power transmission solutions. We provide “fill-in-the-blank” design and engineering services, offering customers assistance from concept to completion on every job. 

Our strength and success lies in our ability to:

•    Collaborate with our clients from design to delivery
•    Supply effective technical expertise
•    Contribute design and assembly knowledge
•    Find solutions to problems before they arise

Custom Manufactured Gears

Delta Dynamics has produced thousands of accurate and unique spur gears, helical and double helical gears, sun/planetary gear systems, spline shafts, gear reducers, and many other parts for a wide range of industrial applications. Our clients have also highly praised our ability to help them design and manufacture custom gearboxes. Exemplifying our ability to provide others with power transmission solutions, every custom gearbox we have created has fulfilled our client’s requests. We are certified by AGMA to produce gears to the highest level of specifications and requirements to produce and monogram Threaded Rotary Shoulder Connections.

Delta Dynamics has a highly-trained and certified production team who work with the client throughout every step of each job. We determine and ensure that we understand the customers’ needs. To do so, we assist with the design and manufacturing process selection, and ensure the manufacture of a top-quality product. We review and analyze each drawing sent to us, check all dimensions, specifications and tolerances, and formulate a production process customized to each unique job to guarantee efficiency and outstanding results. We offer advice on design, making revisions and adjustments before finalizing each drawing. After the design has been signed off by the client, our machine shop team gets straight to work. We handle all aspects of manufacturing the part, whether it’s one quick process on a customer-supplied blank or a complex series of processes producing a purchase-complete product. We implement an ISO 9001 Quality Management System and Quality Control Methodology, inspecting every dimension of a part to ensure that it meets the specifications and tolerances of the design. This level of precision ensures that all parts fit perfectly into their power transmission assembly and increases the life expectancy of the parts and systems. Delta Dynamics can produce reports of dimensions inspection for all parts, demonstrating design and industry standards conformance because we are a highly esteemed custom gear manufacturer. Communication is maintained throughout the design and product processes between the client and the project team. Our gear design and manufacturing experience, our dedication to precision and quality, and guarantee of “over the top” service make Delta Dynamics an ideal choice for the development of unique, unproven prototype parts.

Each person at Delta Dynamics, from the President to machine shop technicians, contributes to the production of each part or assembly that we manufacture. Every employee is highly skilled and trained to implement our quality management system. We have years of experience and can create top quality and cost-effective products.

Delta Dynamics has assisted in the design and manufacture of thousands of gears, splined parts, and assemblies for a wide range of industries, including Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing and the Oil Sands. Our gearing and manufacturing knowledge, skills, and experience have been applied to the production of solutions to a variety of problems such as mud pumps and Hydro-static drives for Oil & Gas; rack and pinions, helical gears, spur gears and gear reducers for manufacturers; planetary drives and roll mill reducers for the Steel industry; and timing gears for Pulp & Paper mills. Delta Dynamics has used a wide range of materials, including aluminum and various alloy and carbon steels, and material treatment processes, such as nitriding, carburizing, shot peening and anodizing, to produce durable and efficient parts for all our customers.

Delta Dynamics’ success rests on its ability to provide all our customers with complete satisfaction in their orders. We commit ourselves fully to producing high quality, cost-effective and on-time products, and strive to not only meet but exceed customer requirements. We collaborate with all our customers in every stage of the production process, from concept to completion, filling in all the blanks with our extensive knowledge of gearing and machining. Delta Dynamics prides itself on being large enough to handle large-volume orders, while also remaining small enough to offer “over-the-top” service to each of its clients. Delta Dynamics is the perfect one-stop-shopping solution for all your custom gearing design manufacturing needs.