Delta Drive

Delta Drive

The Delta Drive Arbor was designed through consultation between sawfilers, sawmill maintenance personnel, saw manufacturers and arbor manufacturers.

While this drive form may be new to the North American sawmill industry, it is based on a long established European engineering polygonal profile drive standard.



· Manufactured from premium vacuum degassed alloy steel to aid in uniform hardness and high tensile strength.

· Machined on computer numerical controlled C.N.C. machinery to ensure repeatable accuracy.

· Induction hardened to minimize distortion.

· Hard chrome plated for increased wear resistance,

corrosion resistance and reduced coefficient or friction.

· Different profiles available for fixed and for shifting applications.

· High torque transmission for increased feed speed

· Large surface contact area reduces contact stresses and increases arbor life.

· Self centering properties aid in consistent bite per tooth.

· Balanced, symmetrical distribution of forces reduces vibration.

· Easy, safe handling of saws with no sharp teeth.

· No grooves or gullets to collect chips that can cause imbalance on arbor.

The Polygon Drive System is being used as a standard saw drive by a leading sawmill manufacturer in Sweden.

One of the largest machine-tooling manufacturers in the world uses the Polygon Drive for its premium modular tooling for C.N.C. machining where locational stability is essential.

A leading American gear-cutting machine manufacturer uses the Polygon Drive as their primary drive for change gears where concentricity and ease of assembly are critical. Delta Drive arbors and sleeves are now being used in more than 40 various edgers across North America and are showing excellent results. The majority of users state that they are very pleased with the performance. They prefer it to other systems they have tried, and will not switch back to their older drive. Reference names and test results are available upon request.