Step 2 - Aesthetic Look

We develop the design prototype to show the look, feel, and function of the final product. A functioning and aesthetically pleasing prototype.

Step 1 - Consulting

In the cosulting stage,our focus is to determine the strategy and objectives. The majority of our design team members have over 25 years of engineering and project management experience. We provide design consulting service & analysis for mechanical engineers.

Prototype 5

  • Your product will perform as it is intended to perform

Prototype 4

  • Will offer answers for your research needs and offer recommendations that are best suited for your project

3-D Model

  • Suggest methods of machining that will provide the best results

Prototype 2

  • Evaluate your current requirements for the needed outcome.
  • If needed, contribute detailed information, we "fill in" the blank
  • Add ideas that will increase performance

Prototype 1

  • Assess your drawings to advise you on the best processes for your project

Final Product

Now the product meets all the functional requirements, incorporates the desired look and feel, and performs as it is intended to perform.


Stollco manufactures a multitude of custom metal brackets to be used in computer, industrial, commercial, and consumer goods applications.

You can tap into years of experience and knowledge to produce custom brackets that will accurately support a variety of applications.


We manufacture drywall tools with the professional drywall finisher in mind.  These stainless steel tools have to be durable for everyday use.

One of our primary models the corner fastener obtains accurate corner dimensions.  To develop this tool, we used our knowledge, and worked in partnership with the client to test several types of corner fastener designs.

We developed a corner fastener that was advertised as the “perfect corner fastener, creates tape in corners with one action”.

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