Stollco custom instrument panels are engineered to house mechanical devises with various specifications. Our focus is to accurately produce panels that will suite and fit integrating components as it is intended.

We offer years of experience in manufacturing and instrumental panels and have produce a variety of panels to suitedemanding industrial applications.


Stollco has been manufacturing parking stall meters for – years.  By providing reliable service, we’ve maintained our relationship with Dominion Parking Meters for --- years.

For parking meters, we use our experience to offer design assistances with issues relating to parking meters.
Issues such as: Durability, Product Life Cycle, Materials, Open-Air exposure
We’ll even discuss monitoring tools, Maintenance, and Vandalism.


This is another excellent example of the “Stollco” customization production.

This custom build underwater tank is manufactured by our client Jetsam Technology.  High pressure compressed gas SCUBA cylinders need to be designed with specifications such as:
Pressures, Dimensions, and Capacity.

We worked within precise dimensions and requirements to develop a steel or aluminum tank that will offer the necessary outcome.


This electric vehicle battery case is very good example of the “Stollco” customization philosophy.  The battery enclosure needed to be designed to suite various tolerances, size and weight.  We developed a prototype and discussed several alternatives with the client.

Every battery case needed to be perfect, so we made sure that every steel bend adhered to the specifications.

The end result is a customized electric vehicle battery case that is shaped to mount perfectly and consistently with our client’s electric power train system.


Stollco makes custom fabricated chassis and covers for the electronic industry.

We offer our design assistance, which allows our clients to tap into years of experience in manufacturing electric chassis.  When fabricating electric chassis, a high priority is placed “attention to detail”.  We make sure that every steel bend is perfect.

We will also customize electric chassis to allow for a turn-key installation.


Stollco has the ability to customize electrical enclosures that meet a variety of requirements.

We consult with our clients to obtain an understanding of their needs.  Stollco Modules are designed to withstand various environments and climates, such as:
Climatization - Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Venting

Our modular systems have potential for limitless configurations as well as the possibility for future expansions.  If needed we have the ability to produce electric modules for you’re:
Office Needs - Computers, Fax, and Phone

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