Custom Manufactured Shafts

Delta Dynamics is a well respected, ISO and API certified Custom Gear Design Manufacturer, committed to providing its customers with top quality, cost-effective and on-time power transmission solutions. We put our extensive gearing experience and knowledge to work to provide “fill-in-the-blank” design services, offering customers assistance from concept to completion on every job.

The foundation of Delta Dynamics’ continued success and growth lies in our abilities to:

•    Collaborate with our customers from design to delivery

As a manufacturing producer, Delta Dynamics is also a highly esteemed shaft manufacturer. We have designed and manufactured hundreds of unique and high-quality shafts for a range of industrial implementations. High-quality materials and material treatment processes are used to create durable, long-lasting, and efficient shafts. Our attention to detail, high-level of product and assembly knowledge, and refined mechanical aptitude allow us to design gearbox shafts that are more efficient than our competition. We are a shaft manufacturer that produces gearbox shafts that function perfectly within the system they were designed for.  


Our trained and certified production team work from design to delivery with each of our customers to produce a design and final manufactured product which not only meets but exceeds all customer requirements and specifications. This “fill-in-the-blank” design and engineering service allows our clients to put our years of gearing and machining experience to work for them, making Delta Dynamics an extension to our customers’ design and manufacturing teams. We apply our machining and assembly knowledge beyond the drawing for each design, identifying and working to mitigate errors and problems before they are encountered in manufacturing the part. We review and analyze each dimension, specification, tolerance, material and material treatment process in the design and offer design advice and revisions. We create a streamlined production process that guarantees each part meets or exceeds its requirements and will continue to function effectively even under the most rigorous conditions, while remaining cost-effective to produce.

In addition to that, Delta Dynamics produces a variety of shaft motors and shaft motor parts. Our ability to customize our products allows us to offer a variety of shaft diameters. This type of motor has a wide range of stroke lengths and can achieve a high peak force. 


A superior, ISO 9001 Quality Management System is standard at Delta Dynamics, and our team of professionally skilled workmen continuously monitors the manufacturing process to ensure an efficient, reliable and top-quality product is made. Our production inspectors check each essential dimension of all parts, checking that they are within tolerances and meet the specifications of the design. This level of precision ensures that each part will fit with the appropriate clearance into its assembly, and reduces backlash, shock and noise generated, increasing the life expectancy of the part and assembly. Upon request, a Dimensions Inspection report–demonstrating each dimension’s conformity to design and specification–can be provided to the customer as our assurance of the quality of the part. Our gear design and manufacturing experience makes us an exceptional choice for the development and production of one-off or two-off prototype parts, as well as large-volume orders. 


We have perfected a highly efficient, streamlined production process from concept to completion. Each person at Delta Dynamics, from the shop floor up to the managers, contributes and works together to create a production route for every part and product we manufacture. Our machine shop staff is experienced in manual and automated systems, and efficiently programs and runs each step of the production process to maximize product quality while maintaining cost-efficiency. 


Delta Dynamics has manufactured shafts and other parts for a large number of heavy industries, such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing, Forestry and Pulp & Paper. We have applied our skills, experience and knowledge to a number of diverse industry problems, creating solutions for Top Drives, Draw Works, Mud Pumps and Hydrostatic Drives for the Oil and Gas industry, and Splined Motor Shafts, Planetary Gear Boxes and Conveyor Gear Reducers for the Oil Sands. We manufacture parts with a wide range of materials, including numerous steel and aluminum alloys, and handle a variety of material treatment processes, including shot peening, anodizing, zinc plating and case- and through-hardening.

At Delta Dynamics our number one concern is Customer Satisfaction. We are fully committed to the production of high quality, cost-effective and on-time products that meet or exceed customer requirements. We consult with and assist our clients at every stage of the design and production process to ensure that the produced part has superior functionality, effectiveness and lifetime. As your premier choice for Custom Gear Design Manufacturing, Delta Dynamics is both small enough to provide extensive, exceptional service and assistance, and large enough to handle challenging and larger-volume orders.


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Delta Dynamics Articles

Delta Dynamics is pleased to post news items and articles related to our continued growth as BC's #1 Custom Gear Design Manufacturer.

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Delta Drive

Delta Drive

The Delta Drive Arbor was designed through consultation between sawfilers, sawmill maintenance personnel, saw manufacturers and arbor manufacturers.

While this drive form may be new to the North American sawmill industry, it is based on a long established European engineering polygonal profile drive standard.



· Manufactured from premium vacuum degassed alloy steel to aid in uniform hardness and high tensile strength.

· Machined on computer numerical controlled C.N.C. machinery to ensure repeatable accuracy.

· Induction hardened to minimize distortion.

· Hard chrome plated for increased wear resistance, corrosion resistance and reduced coefficient or friction.

· Different profiles available for fixed and for shifting applications.

· High torque transmission for increased feed speed

· Large surface contact area reduces contact stresses and increases arbor life.

· Self centering properties aid in consistent bite per tooth.

· Balanced, symmetrical distribution of forces reduces vibration.

· Easy, safe handling of saws with no sharp teeth.

· No grooves or gullets to collect chips that can cause imbalance on arbor.


The Polygon Drive System is being used as a standard saw drive by a leading sawmill manufacturer in Sweden.

One of the largest machine-tooling manufacturers in the world uses the Polygon Drive for its premium modular tooling for C.N.C. machining where locational stability is essential.

A leading American gear-cutting machine manufacturer uses the Polygon Drive as their primary drive for change gears where concentricity and ease of assembly are critical. Delta Drive arbors and sleeves are now being used in more than 40 various edgers across North America and are showing excellent results. The majority of users state that they are very pleased with the performance. They prefer it to other systems they have tried, and will not switch back to their older drive. Reference names and test results are available upon request.

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