Gleason-Pfauter P600/800 G

The 2006 Gleason-Pfauter P600/800 CNC Profile Grinding Machine is one of the most advanced grinding machines on the planet. It is capable of grinding to AGMA Q15 or DIN 1 specifications. The machine has automatic stock division to ensure any heat-treat distortion is accounted for, CNC controlled dressing for precise control of profile and profile modifications, CNC optimization of grinding process and on-board measuring with chart printout to verify exact tolerances have been met.

CNC Machining

CNC machining for gears is an extremely powerful resource. Using CNC machines, precision and meticulousness is exhibited with every project throughout its entire developmental process due to CNC gear cutting and grinding. Examples of our previous, rigorous work is shown below. We are happy to help you achieve the same precise results so that your custom-made gears fit your device accurately. 

Prototype Mandrel

This star shaped mandrel was formed using CNC gear cutting and grinding to fit very tight tolerances on a 4-axis Vertical Machining Center from a solid 8" diameter 4340 Heat Treated steel bar. The efficiency created with CNC machining for gears is incomparable.  

Gearbox Machining

Accurate gears require exactitude with housing development in order for there to be maximum load capacity and durability of gears. This custom designed top drive drill housing requires a collaborative procedure between the customer and Delta Dynamics to eliminate stress relief distortion caused by green castings. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate comprehensively as we provide you with exactly what you are looking for when it comes to CNC machining for gears. 

Oil Field Drilling Spindle

We have assisted many clients in the oil industry. The oil field drilling spindle is essential when it comes to oil rigs. CNC lathe turning and boring on high tensile forging is common in the development of products in this field. Contact Delta Dynamics if you need help producing precisely constructed machinery. 

CNC Turned Shafting

Eccentric bearing fits on Splined Shafts must be created meticulously, which is why Delta Dynamics uses CNC machines to produce exactly what you need. We collaborate with every client to find out what they are looking for and then use CNC dynamics to develop the structure that is needed for their product to run smoothly. 

Flanges and Unions

Exactness when it comes to flanges is very important. If you want your product to properly maintain its position then precise measurements should be taken. Thankfully, using CNC gear cutting and grinding the flanges are able to be produced with accuracy providing a secure rim. Unions must also be produced with certainty so that the flanges and unions may fit together correctly. You can rely on our CNC dynamics for skilled results. 

Oil Field Casing Dies & Holders

Casing dies often have a multi-segment design and the tool joints must be adjusted accordingly. Due to the different segments, it is a colossal help to have CNC machinery formulate the oilfield casing dies and holders. Delta Dynamics’ custom design allows casing to fit into your product as they should to promote efficiency.

Open Gears1

Helical Gears

Helical Pinions

Fabricated Bull Gear

Critical Mounting Patterns

Internal Ring Gears

Case Hardened & Ground Double Helical Gear

Custom Sprockets

Delta Catalog Gear Reducer

Delta Catalog Reducer

Special Purpose Gear Reducers

Custom / Special Purpose Gearbox's

These Gear Boxes were designed and build by Delta Dynamics for a new prototype wood manufacturing process. Through detailed review with the end user they were able meet the exacting demands that were not available on the market. Delta was chosen as the supplier as their ability to understand the customers needs and recommend unforeseen requirements proved from the start to be what was needed for the best end result. The result is expressed well through the chief design engineers comment,” This is a truly stunning performance mainly by you and your staff. I would like to thank everybody for the excellent work which yielded this absolute stunning result." Stay tuned for further progress as the patents are all coming through on this revolutionary machine.


Pulp & Paper

This special purpose reducer was no longer available from the O.E.M.


With Delta's onsite inspection, a new unit was manufactured to suit the existing, unusual mounting required.

Oil Field Hydraulic Power Divider

Planetary Reducer

This custom designed gearbox used a 2 stage compound planetary to drive 250,000 lbf/ft torque. Delta worked in consultation with the design engineering group to develop and manufacture this very unique planetary housing. Confidentiality agreements restrict us from raving about the success of this unique application.

Drop In Replacement Gear Reducers

Steel Mill Galvanizing Line

These various sized units were ordered to replace the existing boxs which were no longer available. The original manufacturer had introduced a new line with a new bolt pattern rendering the old model obselete. The prime objective was for a ratio change to speed up the galvanizing line. Delta came on site and measured up all the boxs so that the new ones could be made to suit the existing mounting configuration.

Cooling Tower Drive

Ordered to fit where a replacement couldn't be found.

Inline Reducer

This reducer was available from the supplied with a cast iron housing only. The steel mill where it was used found that even a small bump with a several ton roll of steel would break the box. The machinery was built around the reducer which prevented any other reducers from being used as is. Delta's solution was to build a new fabricated steel housing while utilising the old gearing. Further units were supplied completely new as the mill replaced all the cast iron units. Reducers that were averaging 4.5 months over 2 years have now been running in excess of 2 years.

Plumbed for Lubrication

External electric lubrication installed for lubrication to all bearing as well in into mesh.


An older model reducer that was very common in Pulp & Paper Mills is replaced By a new Delta box with gearing made to current AGMA standards. The service factor is increased by more than double of what was. Maintenance, noise and cost were all reduced.


Drop In Replacement Gear Reducers
Custom/Special Purpose Gear Reducers
Delta Catalog Gear Reducers
Sawmill Edger Arbors
Open Gears
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